Weddings & Marriage

A Wedding is a special and wonderful occassion.

Our aim is to make the Wedding Service meaningful and special for everyone, and especially for the bride & groom. 

Most weddings at the church take place on Saturdays.

If you are thinking of getting married and would like to have your wedding service at the church please contact the Church Office 01767 682499 for an appointment with the Rector.

Marriage Matters

Often the greatest acheivements in life come through practice, training and dedication. It is the same with marriage. A strong marriage doesn't happen by chance, it keeps effort and commitment to keep the romance alive and to persevere through the pressures of life.  


Marriage and family life can often be a mixture of joys and sorrows, pressures and challenges.
We can always learn more about making even the happiest marriages better and we can build strong marriages and even mend broken ones.

Wherever you are in your relationship, here are some helps for the journey:


The Highway Code for Marriage - Michael & Hilary Perrott
Sound advice, honest, humourous and wise, this practical book looks at both the highs and lows of relationships. Teaching about good communication, the importance of respect and the necessity of forgiveness. Good down-to-earth advice.

The Sixty Minute Marriage - Rob Parsons
In a wise, sensitive and often humourous way Rob Parsons addresses issues such as 'Dealing with a partner who just won't talk things through' 'How cutting your credit card in half can save your marriage' 'How to argue - effectively' 'Why many men say "my wife isn't interested in sex"' 'How divorce can affect your children' 'Are affairs good for marriage?' A book that will take only an hour to read but could have an impact for life.

Great resources for supporting marriage and family life from 'Care for the Family'

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