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Exploring life and Christian faith.


A - All Welcome
L - Learning & Laughter
P - Pasta & Pudding
H - Helping each other
A - Ask anything

In a series of 8 sessions we explore Christian faith and questions of life. Open to anyone who is curious, has questions or would simply like to explore the basics of the Christian faith. The style is relaxed and informal, unpressured and non-religious.

'Who is Jesus Christ?'          'Why Did Jesus Die?'
'How Can I Have Faith?'         'Can We Trust the Bible?'
'How Does God Guide Us?'         'Why and How Do I Pray?'
'How Can We Make Sense of Suffering?'
         'Doesn't Religion Do More Harm Than Good?'
'I like Jesus, but what about the Church?'         'How Can We Resist Evil?'
'How Can I Make the Most of My Life?'

What people have said about 'Alpha....'
"lovely community spirit, relaxed, modern and approachable" "a gentle, friendly way to learn about the Christian faith" "I found the talks very interesting, especially hearing about the experience and stories of others"
"profoundly interesting" "Life changing"  "I thought I knew about Jesus but now realise there is so much more. Doing Alpha has added a whole new dimension to my understanding and life"