Leprosy Mission


"When we are at our best living out the generousity of Jesus Christ - as that has formed itself in our national character - when we turn outwards and use our best resources to change this world in which we live, we see what a wonderful heritage we have, and the hope we can bring to the poorest and those with the greatest suffering on the face of our planet." (Archbishop Justin Welby - Christmas Day address 2014).

With over 140 years of experience, the Leprosy Mission's global family serves a population of some 305 million in around 30 leprosy-affected countries.

Visit the Friday Stall in the Market Place, Sandy
Plus regular fundraising events throughout the year.

2017 - Transform Purulia Hospital - new Outpatients Department project

2016 - Bankura Vocational Training Centre Project
2015 - Purulia Hospital

Purulia Hospital Project
Purulia Hospital Project