Our Choir serves to facilitate and enrich the worship of the church, serving the congregation on Sundays at the 9:30am service and at some special services during the year.

Music has always been a powerful and creative expression of worship.
The Bible has many references to sung praise and worship which declares and describes the wonder of God and our relationship with Him.

It is a privilage to be part of this ministry of sung worship in which we seek to honour God and come closer to Him.

The choir sings in four parts: soprano, alto, tenor and bass.
Our aim is to enjoy singing, learn together, and serve to faciliate the worship of the congregation.

Choir members are committed regular worshippers at St. Swithun's, must be over 18 and are encouraged to do an Alpha Course 

A reasonably good singing voice is obviously important in the leading of worship, you may therefore need to have a recommendation from someone who can verify that you can sing, supply a recording, or be willing to have an audition. 

Please speak to Luke Howard for more details.

St Swithun's Singers

A very friendly choir, we love singing, enjoy our rehearsals and sing a mix of sacred and secular pieces at two concerts a year, Summer and Christmas.  We always are open to welcoming new members.

More details from Elizabeth Gammell